Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Summer is here for one day at least

With the weather being so nice today it seemed silly not to go for a ride. So I went out on the geared bike as well, I should start riding it more since it is the bike I will be riding at transwales. I headed over towards Rivington, going down Two Lads off winter hill. Then down the horse farm, up the commonwealth down, down the ICR, over to Healy Nab, back over and up Chinese Gardens, belmont old road, the cheeky trail down to Belmont and back home via Bromley Cross 29.68 miles
Average Moving Speed 7.9 mph
Average Speed including stops 7.0mph
Average HR 142bpm
1031 metres climbed


  1. Is that a llama? And was it as close as it looks??

  2. Yes it is and yes it is, but it is behind a fence.