Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Practising Navigation

Todays plan was to practice navigation so I headed off to the lake district to ride somewhere I didn't know. I planned a nice long ride and set off from home at 8am. On arriving I was glad to see I had another amazing day, blue skies but it didn't seem too hot so I set out with armwamers on. The first part was easy both navigation and riding wise, at this point I was feeling like it was going to a good day for a long ride. Then the climb up to high street started. That is one hard climb, all on grass, but I cleaned it with just a few rest stops.

Once on high street I began to wonder if I had planned too long a ride, but at that point thought it was ok. Unfortunately I managed to take the wrong path down off High Street, after an age of looking at the map and trying to work out where I was I got it and realised that it cut a chunk of the ride out so I didn't have to find an alternative. The climb back up from Haweswater reservior involved about a mile of carrying my bike over Gatescarth Pass. Total ride was 23miles, but I noticed at points it wasn't recording - was I going that slow when I was carrying my bike? I was away from the car for nearly nine hours and although I spent a lot of time map reading a lot of it was spent walking.

Next time I think I'll take someone with me, this is the sort of ride Ali loves. I also realised I need lots more practise with navigation and long rides should be saved for trails you know well.

It probably wasn't the best preparation for etape du dales but it was fun.

Now I need to get re-hydrated, I need to train myself to drink more on the trail!!!

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  1. It certainly looks fantastic. I will have to make the effort to get back up there again some time soon.