Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Hill repeats

So today the plan was to ride the duathlon bike loop so I met Ali after she finished work and we rode over to Rivington to meet Carolyn and Vikki (9 miles).

Then we went round the loop once to see what it was like, looking out for tight corners etc (makes me sound professional). Then we went round fast, I was back first in 14:39, closely followed by Ali in 15:13, then Vikki in about 16:00 and then Carolyn.

After that I did some hill repeats on Belmont road, I was going to do two minutes but I was dying after 30seconds so I did 1 minute and repeated it five times. It was hard, but I am sure it is good for me so I'm going to try and head out and do it more often.

Each split was about 0.16miles and I was climbing at about 9.1mph on each repeat.

Then I cycled home with Ali, a nice easy pace as her legs were a little tired.

Total distance 28.51 miles
Average Speed 13.8mph
Average HR 132bpm
570m climbed

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