Monday, 26 May 2008

Windy Ride

Headed out to meet Vikki in the afternoon, I couldn't face the crowds that would be there if I rode during the day. Think it was a good choice as Vikki said it was packed around upper barn on her way over. I already knew it was windy after being blown around on the way over but we still headed up Winter Hill via Matchmore Lane. It wasn't too bad on winter hill, I mean it was very windy but the fact that the bog that is the diversion round the mast made up for that. Then I set off down, only I had to pedal to move at 4 mph. It takes a lot of skill to ride the descent that slowly!!! I was trying to pedal faster.

After that it was back over to Rivi via the cheeky path and the Belmont Old road, down by the horse farm, which I think might be Jon's 100yards?, then we split and I headed home. Taking in lots of steps both up and down. A nice ride even with the wind.

Average speed 7.2mph
Average HR 133bpm
1100m climbed


  1. Oh look, it's really windy again. Not sure I can be bothered to battle it and the crowds that are bound to be on the hill today.

  2. I like that pic of me! Also liked the two new bits of trail you showed me, we'll do that bit over to Lead Mines next time. I had 21.6 miles by the tie I was home, which was just right for the condition my legs were in!

  3. Simon: No I hate crowds so if I go outit'll be later when they are bored of the wind and have gone home.

    Jumbly: They are two of my favorite bit of trails, it's nice to climb from Belmont and feel like you are not climbing. some people might say that 21.6miles is a long ride, especially the day after a duathlon!