Saturday, 31 May 2008

Gore Bikewear Alp-X Ladies Gore-Tex Shorts

I had been thinking about getting waterproof shorts or 3/4 lengths since the start of the winter. I have rode a little in waterproof trousers but have never got on with them - to be fair my waterproof trousers are not bike specific - I have always got too hot and sweaty in them even on cold days. So with transwales coming up and the likelyhood of rain there I started doing some research. There didn't seem to be any women's specific ones out there so I narrowed it down to Gore Alp-X or Endura e-vent 3/4's. I decided that 3/4 would be good as they covered the knees but then might be too long. But then I came across the fact that Gore had just released a women's version of their Alp-x. This made the decision easy, woman's clothes obviously fit me better. I've now had these shorts a couple of months and they have had lots of use. In fact I wear them most rides, they are barely noticeable (although on a really hot day I wouldn't fancy them). They make a big difference when the rain is falling and the ground is wet, no more nappy rash! They also keep you warmer as only my lower legs get wet and I don't notice that as my lycra keeps me warm.

Definetly recommended 10/10!

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