Sunday, 1 June 2008

Hard rides too easy, easy rides too hard.

Recently I've been reading a few books about training, making myself sound serious here but I a bit of a geek and now I'm seeing improvements I want to keep improving. The one thing I have come across a lot is that most people do their recovery (easy) rides too fast and then their hard rides too easy. Apparently easy rides should be so easy anyone can come past you, this is hard to do as an old lady on a shopping bike passing you is a little embarressing. But on monday I went out to do an easy ride, I didn't push on any of the hills - its impossible to avoid hills round here! It was made easier by the fact that there was no-one around when I was spinning up the commonwealth down at 3mph. But the good thing was I am fit enough to do this now, I didn't feel like I was working, my heart rate was 120bpm or less the whole way up. Hopefully this was slow enough for recovery.

I then got thinking about the majority of my rides and on the whole they are just bad intervals, spinning along then trying on the hills but not hard enough for it to be a hard session so I think I am going to add some hard sessions into my training. I guess the aim should be exhausted at the end, I felt like this after SSUK08 so that was definetly a hard session. I think it'll be hard to do this, but once a week is the aim.

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