Monday, 9 June 2008

Off to Southport again

Its been over a month since I last took Ruby to Southport, so I thought with the sun shining it would be a good idea. It was much the same ride, except when I missed the turn as I hadn't paid attention to my garmin so took the next turn. But I was faster, so I am seeing an improvement. I was struggling near the end and don't think I took enough water but I enjoyed it. I had set the course at 15mph and was suprised to catch the virtual partner, I tried to keep him on the screen the whole way back, but hills don't slow him down. I finished only just behind him. The graph below, shows elevation, my speed and the red line is a constant speed of 15mph.

81.86 miles
Average Speed 14.8 mph
Average HR 135 bpm
1200m climbed


  1. You'll easily do 15/16mph on Saturday.

  2. I was hoping that (as long as my legs aren't too tired) as I can hide behind you on the coast road, head wind the whole way along it today. Oh and the ice-cream stop will help, I thought about it today but didn't stop!

  3. I'm definately stopping for an ice-cream (and possibly to make a sand castle). Rest those legs Trio. It's going to be a hard ride