Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Riding in the Rain

Last night I decided that today I would get up early to go riding. The idea was to do 30miles leaving at about 6:30am. The first part of the plan went ok with me getting up with my alarm at 6am, I then ate, got dressed, made sandwiches for Ali. But it was raining and raining heavily. At this point I thought I had to make a decision, was I turning into a fair weather rider? No so I put my waterproof jacket on and I was out the door and on the bike for 6:43am. I had wanted to try and get out the loop fast (as near to 15mph as possible) but the rain made me slow down a lot I think, especially downhill where I didn't feel like my brakes were being very effective. The graph shows my speeds, the elevation and the red line is a constant 15mph.
29.26 miles
Average Speed 13.5mph
Average HR 144bpm
897m climbed


  1. I'm waiting for the rain to stop.. (ha) I've had more than enough of riding in the wet, now all I can think is "well that's going to kill my brake pads"

  2. Has it stopped yet? It hasn't over here! Maybe you are becomming a fair-weather cyclist ;)

  3. You do seem to be riding up a lot of hills again. I don't think I would average 15mph either.

  4. Jon you would have managed 20mph or something silly. You should be pleased I'm trying to go faster, you told me I wasn't trying hard enough the other day!