Monday, 9 June 2008

Bicycle Maintainence Course

Yesterday I went on a bicycle maintainence course at Edinburgh Bicycle. The day started off with things that anyone who goes out cycling regularly should be able to do, removing wheels and fixing punctures. But then we moved onto headsets and bottom brackets. A lunch of subway sandwiches was followed by more playing on bikes and looking at hubs. Overall a great day, good value for money and I feel a bit more confident about trying things myself.

Obviously since I had to take my bike I cycled there and back, about three of us were there before the shop opened and I was asked if I had cycled far, no I replied, the other girl said that she was just five minutes away so not far either, where I had I come from, Bolton I replied. They had to check I meant I had cycled from Bolton, apparently that is a long way!

31.53 miles
Average Speed 13.6 mph

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