Monday, 2 June 2008

Garmin Forerunner 305

I purchased this after losing my bike computer and deciding to replace my heartrate monitor with something that did both. I decided on a GPS device so I didn't have to buy a kit for each bike I owned and on the forerunner over the edge as I could wear it as a watch when running.

Straight out of the box it was easy to use, recording my route, speed, heart rate. Plugging it into the computer then produced lots of graphs for me to get geeky with.

Good Points:

  1. Finds GPS quickly and I have not had any problems with losing it, it tracked me round Mabie in Scotland with no problems.

  2. I can use it for running, biking, snowboarding and probably any other sport you can think of.

  3. You can set up the screens for the information you want to see, e.g. speed, stopped time, heart rate, average speed etc.

  4. Downloading the information to a computer is easy and by using sportstracks you can analysis to your heats content.

  5. You can plot a map using google maps and then follow the trail on the screen.

Bad Points

  1. It is a little bulky on the wrist. (but I don't notice it when running)

  2. No handlebar mount (but I use a Polar one and it fits fine).


  1. I looked at those, but they're massive and I hate having watches on when running as they slow you down / irritate.

    They look useful though.

  2. I thought it might annoy me running, it is big, but I don't notice it. I tend to spend most of the time on a bike though where it is out of the way on my handlebars. I'm a geek and like to get all my stats at the end of a ride.

    There is a bike specific version, the edge.

  3. I don't really bother with my HR as I ride /around th limit/ all the time, so i know where my sweetspot is. I did use one everyday for about 5 years, though so I got used to knowing the feeling of being in the correct range.

    I'd not use one for running simply because I'd end up racing myself, and the chest straps either constrict my breathing or slip off my chest to around my waist!

  4. I don't do mine up tight, just use my sportsbra to hold it up. Guess that's one advantage of being female!

  5. and not being all hairy and gross (well I presume not.. STOP!)

  6. You have seen pics on my blog! You are correct I am not hairy and gross but a fantastic specimen of the human female species!