Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Hill repeats

Well today I decided to do hill repeats again. I want to improve on hills and this is certainly the way. I felt like I could have done another one, although it would have been hard, so I guess that means I was working at the right intensity. I actually headed out in shorts and t-shirt but I was a little cold, so I was glad that I was doing hill repeats as it soon warmed me up!

Last time I did this session my lap times were:
lap 1: 4:43
lap 2: 4:46
lap 3: 4:55
lap 4: 4:57
lap 5: 4:54

Today my lap times were:
lap 1: 4:23
lap 2: 4:31
lap 3: 4:29
lap 4: 4:31
lap 5: 4:29

Now there were differences in the time of day, how much riding I had done the day before. But I am pleased with the improvement. Now its time to aim for under 4:30 for each repeat.


  1. Those look like some really sweet climbs you did there. Perfect graph sure looks better than anything I would have managed.

  2. Yes I was pleased with the graph, it is easier to do hill repeats on the road though. Just got to keep going, going to find a longer hill next week and see how I get on. One day I want to be good at climbing hills!