Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Cambridge riding

So I've been down in Cambridge for the last five days and got a lot of riding in. My aim was to ride every day and that I did.

Friday 30th May 2008

Since I slept in later than I meant to I did a shorter route than I had originally planned.

Average Speed 16.2mph
Average HR 139bpm
534m climbed

Felt really good and like I was riding well, looking at my speed graph I was quite consistent as well.

Saturday 31st May 2008

Decided to do the long ride today.

68 miles
Average Speed 15.6 mph
Averag HR 126bpm
678m climbed

Sunday 1st June 2008

I rode over to Ali's dads, while Ali drove, then we did 38miles together and then I cycled back.

56 miles
Average Speed 14.3mph
Average HR 95bpm (not sure if it was recording correctly)
470m climbed

Monday 2nd June 2008

Today I rode in Peterborough with someone off shecycles whom I'm racing at Mayhem with. It was a good ride and we seemed very similar speeds.

Average Speed 16mph
Average HR 144bpm
603m climbed

Tuesday 3rd June 2008
It felt hard toay, the weather was bad I didn't have a waterproof and it felt like I had a flat. Guess that's just tired legs.
Average Speed 14.7mph
Average HR 128bpm
448m climbed

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