Friday, 13 June 2008

Dawen Tower

Today I decided it was about time I stopped talking about going and riding to Darwen Tower and actually went out and rode! Julbags off shecycles kindly sent me a route she uses so I had some idea how to get to and from the Tower. I headed out off over Winter Hill and then on to Darwen Tower, I didn't make the climb on my singlespeed, but then neither did the two guys on geared bikes that I passed on the way up.
At the top I had a snack stop and when the two lads got to the top one of them asked me if my bike only had one gear, after answering yes I was asked what it was all about, I assumed everyone has heard of singlespeed bikes. I decided not to confuse them by going on to explain that is was also a 29er. After some polite conversation - had I come far, wow how far, etc! - I continued off back towards Bolton. I found a nice route that took me onto the track across to the A666 so I decided to head over to Peel Tower. After stopping outside the Strawbury Duck for another small snack I headed down the road, decided to leave the footpath as I've been told off on it twice. I cam upon a car stopped to let a load of cows walk down the road. I waited as well and after the last one we both moved on, next thing I know the woman is winding down her window asking if I knew if the cows had anyone with them (she was there first!) it was established then that the cows seemed to be on their own, so I headed back up and found the farmer chasing three cows back, I don't think he was too happy to find out there were another 15 or so up the road! When I got back to the women it turned out the cows had gone into a field, so we shout the gate and left them for the farmer to deal with. After that excitment I headed over to peel Tower, I had no chance of getting up today my rear wheel kept skidding out, but I only stopped twice. I will manage that climb on my singlespeed one day.
Another snack stop and a quick wave to Ali, she can see Peel Tower from her office and I headed home.
Average Speed 7.8mph
Average HR 131bpm
1600m climbed
Stopped time 56minutes

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  1. Serious miles with some serious climbing.