Friday, 6 June 2008

Another lovely evening ride

Another lovely evening so once Ali got home we headed out again, did the loop up to the Strawbury Duck, even saw some ducks on the way.Then of course it started to rain, but not long after the blue skies came back out. At the pub we decided to just carry on home as Ali's legs were sore and we were both tired. Another nice ride

15.26 miles
Average Speed 7.2mph
Average HR 113bpm
686m climbed


  1. Strawberry Duck? Who came up with that awesome name. Be a good name for a bike company.

  2. Notice the spelling StawBURY duck, no idea where the name came from, I'd been told loads about this pub before I found it. Unfottunately it isn't as good as it once was but it is a great location for a night ride, downhill all the way back to my house.