Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Baggy's v. lycra

Well the title is a bit misleading because even in baggies I would have my lycra shorts on underneath. I've always been a lycra girl, I used to own a pair of baggies but passed them on to ali as I found them annoying. But recently I've worn baggies on a few rides and I have been seeing the advatages. Over the year I have replaced my cheap lycra shorts with better quality ones (all bought in the sale) and the difference is amazing, especially over longer rides. But the last thing I want to do with these shorts is rip them, replacing them is now more expensive. So I hunted out the only pair of baggies remaining in my drawer and put them on over the top. I didn't seem to have any problems and now I'm beginning to wonder if I should cycle in baggies more often.


  1. Baggies are going backwards in from my point of view. I can see you point about protecting them but you then add more padding on the inside that will rub and maybe wear down the lycra quicker

  2. Baggies offroad, lycra on-road - it's the law.

    unless racing then you can use lycra offroad too.

  3. That is what i am thinking Matt, if I was to come off in lycra I would rip it, and I can't afford to do that too often. I did go out the other evening all in lycra as I'd just got back from road riding, but Ali said I loked like a dweeb!