Tuesday, 10 June 2008

More evening riding

Ali and I worked out yesterday that the only evenings we'd be able to ride together. So when Ali got home we had a bit of discussion and decided to head out. It was another lovely evening, so we went over to Rivington. There I showed Ali Jon's 200yards, but it turns out she had rode up it on her skills course. At the bottom I managed to puncture, nice pinch flat, so we sat in the sun while I changed my tube.
this point, Ali was a little tired as she had done a long run yestesterday and hadn't eaten since lunch, so we headed up Chinese Gardens, along Belmont Old road, down the cheeky path to Belmont and home. The plan had been to stop for a pint but we were both two hungry.
Lots of photos of me tonight as Ali enjoys taking photos, she has nearly as many of sheep though.
18.28 miles
Average Speed 7.9mph
Average HR 124bpm
We were stopped for 55minutes in total!
This means that monday was a day I did 100miles, not all in one ride, but still good mileage for a day.


  1. Keep them photo's coming. Good to see sunshine in the photo. Summer is here!!!!!

  2. I'm making the most of it, heard the weather is going to change again. I'm trying to take my camera out more, makes the blog a little more interesting ;)

  3. Jons 200yrds, very curious?

  4. Anyone else wondering what Trio has in common with sheep?

  5. Jon: That is what it gets called on other blogs, I don't know why sorry.

    It's only baby sheep Ali takes pictures of, so maybe that we are both cute and cuddly?