Monday, 16 June 2008

Following a plan

Today I had wrote in my rough training plan I would do hill repeats over at Belmont. I thought it would be good for me to use a different hill and that they would be slightly longer. This morning I did anything but that but then I was looking at my previous blog post and realised that this was the mental attitude I needed so I headed out.

It was a five mile ride over there which was a nice warm-up. Then I did 4 repeats. It felt hard as the hill has a few flatter and then a few steeper sections. I stopped after four as I thought the fifth would be a killer and I wanted to stop with something in my legs.

Each lap was 1.06 miles with 76metres of climbing:

lap 1: 6:21
lap 2: 6:21
lap 3: 6:42
lap 4: 6:26

On lap 3 I found myself daydreaming a bit which I think slowed me down, I must concentrate!

My maximum heart rate was 185bpm, I've not seen it this high since I've been on meds.

In total I cycled 18.61miles at an average of 14.1mph


  1. Isn't that boring?

    I'd much rather do a number of laps, especially if I was doing an endurance race not a sprint race.

    I like the climb out of horwich towards bolton, then up matchmoor lane, it really makes you grovel.

  2. What boring, stopping before my legs die? I'm hoping to do a quick mountain bike ride later so need something in them.

    I ride back from Rivi via matchmore lane a lot, its a nice climb, I think I'm used to it now. Only really hurts when there is a headwind.

  3. "Only really hurts when there is a headwind."

    do it faster ;)

  4. I only have one speed, trio speed and its slightly slower that matt speed ;)

  5. I think Amy is now quite capable of going quicker than Trio speed; but chooses not to.
    Glad to hear you've got your brakes / forks sorted.

  6. I was on my singlespeed, have ordered brakes for the geared bike so lets hope they come before the weekend. Forks are waiting till after Mayhem.