Thursday, 5 June 2008

Evening ride and a broken helmet

Yesterday evening I headed out for a ride with Ali. I decided to take the singlespeed as he is feeling a little sorry for himslef, I last rode my rig at SSUK08!!! We headed out off up winter hill, looped round a bit before getting to the mast. Ali said I was dressed as a complete roadie, but since my cyclechat shorts had only arrived in the morning I had to wear them.

The trails were all pretty dry, we could even ride the diversion round the mast! Saw a few groups of bikers out enjoying the weather. (Sunny again, I am getting a cycling tan!!!)

Then we went down the Belmont descent, just after the biggest drop I hear Ali shout, turn round and shes lay on the floor, certainly made me run to get back to her. Turns out she was fine, just couldn't move as her bike and camelbak had trapped her, once i had her sat up we assessed the damage, the bike was fine, a bloddy elbow, grazing to her left leg and a broken helmet. Turns out she had gone straight over the handlebars. After that we went really slowly down the rest of the descent before rolling down the Belmont road to Asda to buy milk.

While I was waiting outside with the bikes I noticed that someone had taken a lot of care to lock his bike.

Is it just me that wants to move it?

15.5 miles

Average Speed 8.1mph

Average HR 130bpm

622m climbed

More pictures here


  1. Poor Ali, just recovers from over the bars at Mabie to crunch her ankle during the duathlon and now this!

  2. Or maybe she should stop riding with me? I seem to be the one thing she has in common on all those events!

  3. Hmmmm....I sound a little accident prone!

  4. Sounds scary - hope you are alright Ali!

  5. Although she is still a little sore she was out riding again last night so she is fine.