Wednesday, 4 June 2008

May totals

Running 13.05 miles

Off-road cycling 196 miles (singlespeed 18.83 miles)

Road Cycling 550.62 miles

Total Cycling 746.62 miles
Longest Ride 110 miles

So as the graph shows this is my longest month mileage wise. More of it was on road this month though. But I'm going the right way if I want a month with 1000miles.

I decided to have a look at time spent cycling, a better measure as I'm a lot slower off-road so cover less distance.

Once again May is the month I put the most time into biking, 69hours, 44minutes.

So what are my plans for June? Well I've cycled 5days straight so far so I want to get my first seven days of cycling. I'd also like to get 350miles in a week overed. Mayhem is also this month so it'll be interesting to see how my training has set me up.


  1. More singlespeeding required.

  2. I think so my singlespeed is feeling a little neglected!