Friday, 25 April 2008

Ruby gets to see the sea

I planned another loop to go to Southport, but this time I wanted to see the sea, so a different route was planned, with the climb over the Belmont road at the start. I felt like I was working hard the whole way round and it seemed warm. I was glad I had my 3/4 lengths on I would have boiled alive otherwise. I had quite a few showers but my windproof held them off well. For probably the first time ever I ran out of liquid, good and bad. Good that I'm drinking more on a ride, bad that I ran out! Busy drinking lots now! After about 60miles I started suffering and climbing Chorley Old Road on the way home from Horwich was fine. Think I should have brought more gels with me.

Average Moving Speed 14.1mph
Average Speed, including stops 14mph
Average Heart Rate 144bpm
900m of climbing

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