Saturday, 5 April 2008

Bounce Bounce, Amber Army

Well since Ali's team Cambridge were playing at Droylsden today I suggested we could cycle there. I wasn't planning on going to the football but for a quick ride with Anna but due to bike problems she cancelled and I joined Ali. I've not been to the football at all this season and maybe once last season. I just got bored and noone seemed to sing or enjoy themselves today. Anyway today was good, there was loots of singing and lots of bouncing. I was quite glad Ali asked me to come. What you can't tell in the picture is that I had six layers on and I'm still feeling cold! The best thing was Ali was in a great mood as Cambridge won! At this rate we're hoping they'll be promoted back to the football league.

The ride itself was fun, Ali hasn't done much riding at all recently so I knew it'd be a long way for her, but we kept a steady pace and even on the way home there was no moaning. I think she's remembering how much fun she has biking. So hopefully we'll have some off-road adventures soon.


Moving Average 13.1mph

Average(including stops) 11.2mph

Average heart rate 118bpm


  1. I was walking up Ashton Road (Clayton) this evening at about 5.15pm. I'd been watching the football (Man City). I noticed a Carrera? road bike with a pink jacketed rider, it reminded me of a pic i'd seen on't net. Mowcop? Was that you? Also closely followed by a blue mountain bike?

  2. That would have indeed been me. Wasn't such a good result for City though.

  3. We played well enough for most of the time and Chelsea were often on the back foot. Every time i renew my season ticket i think what new bike stuff i could have bought with the money. But it's hard to stop going when you've got blue blood.

  4. We both had season tickets for City till a couple of seasons ago. Just couldn't make evening matches and the changing kick-offs were just making things difficuly.

    Can I ask where you found my blog?

  5. Samuri-Rothcar-Minx compendium, sort of in that order. I was reading Samuri's blog which lead me to Rothcar and Minx (30/30) which in turn linked me to your site. I was doing a similar thing, running or riding everyday for a month. Not for an hour a day, but a minimum 350 miles on the bike and 100 miles running. Doesn't sound that much when you say it. But unless i run/ride in circles or head out to Manchester it's all hills where i live. Agree with the evening game comment. Think we've had 8 saturday games this season and only 6 of those have been 3pm. And the constant changing days/times for the TV is a pain. The day I stop going they'll win a cup, and I don't want to miss that day.

  6. It sounds like a fair way to me. The 100miles running especially. Which reminds me I need to start running since I've gone and entered a duathlon.