Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Feeling rubbish!

Well April is off to a bad start, I woke up this morning feeling rubbish, sore head, aching limbs, raised temperature etc. After hoping a morning lay on the sofa would get rid of it I've given in and cancelled my ride for tonight, feel really bad as I was lending lights to the girl I was riding with so she won't be able to ride, but I really feel that bad. Maybe I have man-flu?


  1. Ooh you must be ill to not ride! Sofa, Lemsip and Aussie soaps and you'll be right.

  2. Do you think Chocolate will help? I can't think of anything worse than lemsip! Ali is trying to talk me into taking paracetamol but I think I rattle enough!

  3. Chocolate is always a great thing... all we really need is faith, hope and chocolate cake.