Sunday, 27 April 2008

Trying new bikes

Today Vikki was demoing a new bike so I decided to ride over to Rivi to keep her company. I had steady drizzle on the way over and it was very misty up on winter hill but I felt good, even after quite a high mileage week. Got there are 1pm and the shiny bike was admired and then sized for Vikki and we headed off. Up the commonwealth down. I was able to talk the whole way up it today (did I only get my singlespeed in february I'm already noticing myself getting fitter) then along Belmont Old Road and over to Lead Mines. Still can't get up that on my singlespeed though! Then we went round Healey Nab. Where I cleared the drop that looks vertical from the top and the other two walked it.

After that it was back to the cafe for Chocolate Cake and then home, tried a slightly new cheeky trail home that was lovely and weather proof.

32.37 miles
1110 metres climbed
Average Speed 8.7mph
Average Heart Rate 141bpm

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