Tuesday, 8 April 2008

To do lists

I find that when I make to do lists, all the time I seem to like lists, they just grow and grow and I never get the stuff done as in the end it is just too daunting. So to make it less so I've started a new type of to do list, I have a list for the day with a maximum of three items on (that's enough to feel like I've done something but not enough to worry about it) and a general to do list that if I want I can do something off. I can also use this general list to make my small daily list.

So todays list is:-
  1. Wash towels
  2. Post form back to CycleActive
  3. Book accomodation in Penrith for next week

Should all be doable and I can just ignore the other list for now.


  1. Great idea Amy. I wrote about my schedule on my blog not long ago, and it's taken over my life! I am going to try your idea and keep it simple.

  2. It really really worked, I even did number three and I hate ringing people but I just told myself that it was the last thing I had to do. Tomorrow I have three more things.
    1. Ensure there is food for tea
    2. Get Ali's jumper fixed
    3. Go running