Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Sunny Day

It's a lovely sunny day here today, so much so I have washing hanging outside.

Anyway to keep up with my idea of running once a week I headed out today.

Average Heart Rate 164bpm (I got a max of 226bpm though so don't think itwas working great!)


  1. Hey Trio25,

    Great weather here today too, but unfortunately have got to sit inside the office working :( Will go on a bit of a recovery ride later, boring though, 1.5hours flat....

    Saw your comments on my blog, yeah, the weekend was great! I see you are planning to do the Mountain Mayhem? My boyfriend is doing it, and I might come over with him for support. I'm considering doing the Dusk till Dawn race though - ever heard of that?

    Why don't you try some racing, it is really good fun and improves your riding so much in such short time because you really push yourself more than on a normal spin.

    Enjoy your cycling!

  2. Yes I am doing Mayhem, looking forward to it. I did 24/12 and SITs last year with a different team so it'll be interesting to see what this team is like.

    Stuck in an office is annoying on a day like this, a recovery ride makes sense. Not that I can ever find flat riding near me.

    I've heard of Dusk till Dawn, my friend did it last year as a pair and I've thought about doing it this year if finances and time allow, I have to work out when to fit a holiday in yet! Transwales seems to be right when I would normally go away.

    Might look around and see if there are any races local to me.

    I'm enjoying reading your blog, it's interesting what training people do. Let me know next time you are over for a NPS series race.