Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Yearly mileage

So here is my total distance for each month of the year, I have been steadily improving my mileage month on month. So for April I want to improve again, I wonder if I can get close to 800miles? I don't have a long event on the second to last day to help me out this time.
I'm planning on adding a bit of structure to my training this month as at the moment I just go out and ride. The first thing is going to be hill repeats round the Pike with Carolyn and Vikki next week. The idea is to ride over there and then do three loops. I'm hoping this will help my hill-climbing abilities. Although I am feeling stronger on the climbs since I got my Singlespeed!


  1. I keep trying to do hill reps around the Pike but after one all I want to do is blast down the Ice Cream Run :)

  2. I get scared on the ICR and go down very very slowly!

  3. The hill repeat prospect is making me feel a bit sick! Hill reps plus ICR would make me feel very sick!