Monday, 7 April 2008

Nag nag nag

Well I don't seem to be going out today unless its in the dark on my own and then my mum lectures me. But I have been a good girl and fixed my puncture, thanks ollie for nagging me. I fixed the tube since I only have two 29er tubes using the park patches that I got the other week so hopefully it'll still be inflated tomorrow.

Sometimes it's the detail of things I love. When I bought my rig the first thing I did was upgrade the brakes, I have to admit it is because I wanted pink brakes, to Hope Mini's. I just love the flowers on the rotors.

The other thing I've done is sort out my bike clothes, they were shoved in a drawer on a shelf, now they are all in the same place and organised into boxes, sometimes I am such a geek.


  1. What was going to be a very small rest on the bed for 5 minutes turned into nearly 2 hours of full deep sleep so my ride never happened either! So I'll charge my lights up now and join you tomorrow for night riding to make up for lack of bike time today.

  2. yay, it'll be good to ride with you tomorrow. It feels like ages since I've been riding with you. We need to organise an all-dayer as well before I lose my fitness.

  3. Somehow I doubt you'll be losing any fitness with the amount of miles you sem to be putting in! But, yes an all day ride would be good, we still haven't done Darwen Tower.

  4. My mileage has gone down since the cat. Should get a reasonable ride in tomorrow, might go a longer way over to Rivi. I want to reach 2000miles.