Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Cheshire Cat

Well I've downloaded my track from the Cheshire Cat and it's easy to see where we went wrong.

But overall it was a great ride. I only have two minor gripes. I was expecting more signs, there were long stretches with no signs so you kept going straight on hoping you were going the right way. As this was a UCI event I was expecting better signing than my two previous events but they were both better in that respect. The other being after the lecture about urinating in public we got to the first feed station and queued for about 20minutes to use a toilet where the door did not shut fully. I am happy jumping behind a hedge but only waited after the fuss they made at the start, if they are doing that they should provide more than one toilet at a feed station.

Otherwise I had a great ride, my ride time was 7hours 6minutes and my official finish time is 8hours 5minutes. My legs also felt ok when I went out riding yesterday. Now I need to build more hills into my road miles and not just spin up them, my next road event is a lot hiller.

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