Thursday, 17 April 2008

Lovely Windy Day

Today I went over to meet Andy a friend from work. I got back into biking with Andy and we used to ride at Rivington every two weeks during the summer of 2006, I remember doing a 12 mile route from a book and it being really hard. Andy hasn't been riding so much so he hasn't quite got the fitness I have. But it was nice to see him. I remembered about practising my skills so if you saw someone near top barn trying to track stand that was me! I took Andy over to Healey Nab and round the woods, I'm thinking I need to explore around there I'm sure there is more riding than just the concessionary bridleway that I always follow. Then we had bacon butties at the cafe. 8.84miles with Andy, good distance if you are getting back into fitness.
Then I headed up to Georges Lane via the Chinese Gardens, I think I saw Matt on his way down (it looked like his bike anyway
!). Then I decided to go down the ICR, not only did I clear it I felt smooth, still going slow but a little faster than last time. I'm glad I've started riding it as I think it is improving my technical riding. Then back up the Commonwealth Downhill and up Matchmore Lane. At this point I have to thank the wind for trying to blow me back to Rivington, I know it was a nice day but I really did have to head home! On the way home I tried a new path that took me out at Smithills Hall, I really need to explore round there as there were lots of paths that looked good for biking.
A great ride!
Average Moving Speed 7.7mph
1155m climbed
Before I went out I lowered my handlebars, I was worried that I wounldn't like it going downhill but it's just made my already wonderful bike better, only problem is that it now looks stupid, so I want to cut down my steerer tube. Searching on the web it talks about hacksaws and using a vice, I think this is beyond me. So do I need to take it to a bike shop or does someone want to do it for me?


  1. If you're stuck I will do it. Just mark (check the mark twice) then cut the bit off that you don't want!

  2. I being who?
    I don't even own a hacksaw, I really could see this going wrong if I tried it!

  3. It's quite straightforward but made easier by having a proper saw guide. If you're worried about it going wrong then best to take it to a friendly bike shop and get them to do it.