Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I think I need a cross bike

Exciting ride today, definetly a trio adventure. I had planned the route using mapmyride last night, but due to Ali playing on the computer most of the night with her photo's from Goa it was done very quickly. The ride started out really well, great riding all the way to Calderdale and I didn't get lost :) Down into Hebden Bridge - my aim was to cycle there and back. Then the ride got interesting! I headed out of Hebden Bridge up a steep climb, I had noticed the dead end signs but just ignored them! Which turned into cobbles and then an unsurfaced road and then a bridleway. At that point I thought I might be on the wrong bike for the surface! But Ruby did really well, I only walked about ten meters in total, the roadie shoes made it hard to walk! It made me think, people spend all this money on getting more and more travel and there was me on a roadie! After that it was back on road and quite tame in comparison!
60.87 miles
Average Moving Speed 11.9mph
Average heart rate 135bpm
1465m climbed


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  2. Oh lord, what have I let myself in for next week? . ps Cross bikes don't get on very well with rocks. You'll probably get better results putting CX tyres onto your 29ner - Jon

  3. I bought cross tyres. My Surly cross-check is going to be de-tourered (that might not be a real word) and re-crossed. I have spied some muddy bridleways just begging to be ridden home on, they look fun but not slick tyre compatible!