Thursday, 24 April 2008

Improving my diet

I've been saying for ages that I should improve my diet. I don't eat too un-healthily but I know it could be a lot better. Last week when Ali was away and I was in charge of my own food (Ali always cooks in the evening in our house) I decided not to do my usual and live off pizza. Firstly I cooked my usually pasta with vegetables. This is about the only meal I cook these days and is probably the best meal I eat as I know I don't eat enough veg. Then I decided to take an easy route with fresh pasta and a sauce, but I added veg, it made a meal I like into one of my favorites! Last night, since Ali is ill and I'm still cooking, I did a pasta bake with veg in it and tonight I was the most adventurous I made a curry and threw in some baby corn cobs, green beans and split yellow peas. The meal was lovely, the peas were still a little crunchy though so next time I'll cook it for a bit longer, the only issue was there was too much of it.

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