Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Mud, mud and more mud

So today I had arranged to meet Jo, someone I hadn't rode with before, at rivington at 6pm. I was bringing Ali's lights so she could try night riding. I decided to cycle there the long way, plotted a route measured it as 24.5miles. I decided including stops I could manage an average of 6mph so I left home at 2ish. Took a nice route via Ramsbottom, it got harder after crossing the A666. I did more walking than normal - did I mention I decided to do the ride on my singlespeed?

Got to Rivington at a perfect time and attached the lights to Jo's bike, although we knew we had a lot of light to play with. We decided to head over Winter Hill and then after coming back up follow a path I'd been told about to lead mines clough. Lots of pushing, some wading through knee deep bogs took us to a nice path made of slabs, at this point it was getting dark and at the first stile we stopped got the map out and decided we should have turned left so headed back, back to Jo's car. Think we made it just in time, a guy was just about ready to shut the gate. Then I headed back, pushed my bike up to Georges road. Just couldn't face trying to cycle! Then home the usual way. I was very very tired and it's definetly my longest ever singlespeed ride!

Average Moving Speed 7.5mph
Average Speed including all stops 5.5mph
Meaning I was stopped for nearly three hours
Average Heart Rate 142bpm
1798m climbed


  1. I've ridden the path from Lead Mines to Redmonds Edge once before, can't remember what it was like though.

    If you carry on up the stone slab path you get to the top of Great Hill and can then descend to White Coppice. The bit before you get to the slabs is horrible unless it's frozen solid or baked hard by the sun (ha!)

  2. Yes it was hard work and then we just came back the same way as it was dark. I think I should stick to exploring in the middle of the day when it is lignt!