Thursday, 10 April 2008

Hill repeats are hard!

Well today I was meant to be metting Carolyn and Vikki at 5pm to do hill repeats at the Pike but due to them both having done a hard run yesterday they decided to go for a road ride, well Carolyn has only just got her roadie so I'd be wanting to play if it was me as well! Anyway I wanted to do hill repeats still so I set out on my own. Went round the Pike three times, timing from the bottom to the post where the path splits to go to the top. I only got data for two of the attempts though due to my inability to press the correct button on my watch. I felt like I was slow although I could barely breath and my legs were screaming - so I guess I was doing it right.

Rep 1: 3:32 Average Heart Rate 170bpm
Rep 2: No data
Rep 3: 3:39 Average heart rate 169bpm

Each lap rep involved a climb of 38m over a third of a mile.

I'm wondering if the meds I'm on might be lowering my max heart rate as the highest I got was 182bpm.

It was a nice ride as I took it easy on the way over - took me two miles to remember to use my gears - and easy on the way back so I got to enjoy the scenery.

Overall stats:
Average Moving Speed 9.2mph
Average Speed(including all stops) 8.2mph I'm impressed with this as I stopped to wait for my heart rate to drop completely after every lap.


  1. Take it easy tomorrow Trio. You've got a hard ride on Saturday. -Jon

  2. Don't worry I will. I realise I'll be chasing you up the hills.