Saturday, 12 April 2008

GPS is great

So today I headed off with Jon to follow my GPS. When we headed up the Belmont Road it started to snow and hail, not the best weather for a long ride. I realised that I had plotted the route along the belmont old road and then the ICR so we didn't got that way on the roadies. By the time we got to Abbey Village the weather had changed and was almost sunny and just got sunnier and sunnier as the ride went on. By the time we got to Waddington it was a lovely day. We had some chips there and then headed back. In Clitheroe we went the wrong way but the GPS beeped at me within 10metres so we knew to turn around. We also missed the road after Whalley but took a road parallel that was probably a little easier.

Thanks to Jon for coming out with me, I'm a lot slower than him so it means I work harder on the hills as he stays just a bit ahead of me and doesn't disappear so I don't give up.

Average Moving speed 12.7mph
Average speed including stops 12.5mph
1714metres of climbing
Average Heart Rate 146bpm (max hr 182bpm)

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  1. Looks a nice ride, can you plot your heart rate against height as it is a much more intresting graph to look at. Or send it to me by email as I want to have a nosey.

    We did a new route today which I think would take me an hour and a half without stopping so might try doing it before work on monday. Cant decide moving to two sessions a day is a good idea.