Saturday, 26 April 2008


Today I didn't head out till 4pm. With the nice weather I thought Rivington might be a little busy and any cheeky trails were really out of the question. I headed over towards Rivington the usual way but took a path that I had noticed a few times that was signed Concessionary Bridleway. It started off boring and flat but got more interesting on the way down, eventually coming out on Scout Road. I think if I had gone straight across, down the signed footpath, it would have taken me back towards home. One to explore another time! I then headed back up matchmore lane where my non-driveside crank fell off. This has never happened to me before but instead of phoning for a lift home I got my multi tool out to see if there was an allen key the correct size, there was so I was soon on my way. But I must check it is tight enough this evening. I continued up going down by the horse farm and then up the commonwealth down and onto the Pike. Cleared it again and the way up the Commonwealth Down I realised that I was getting better at climbing on my singlespeed as I think I could have almost held a conversation, I certainly wasn't in as bad a state as the first time I tried to get up there. Then it was down again, going down the ICR - which I cleared - as I got to the bottom two guys on trail bikes were heading up, don't think I would have liked to have met them as I crawled down. Then up through the Chinese Gardens, at this point something seemed odd with my pedal, a loose cleat. So it was time to stop and tighten it up. Back down to Belmont, even though it was the weekend I was cheeky enough to go down the footpath, didn't see anyone. Then back home.

23.32 miles
Average Speed 8.4mph
1399 metres climbed

Even with my mechanicals and stopping to admire the view I was only stopped for 25.5 minutes


  1. Oooo, I've never had a crank arm fall off! Looks like a good ride. Loads of climbing!

  2. Is there any way of not doing a lot of climbing round here ;)

    It's not something I ever imagined happening, I'll be checking them in future!

  3. Ooh, two guys climbing up the Ice Cream Run very likely to have been my better half and our mate Grant. I would most likely have been climbing up the slightly more sensible and more scenic run parallel to the ICR!
    Which trail is the Commonwealth Down? Not sure I know all the official names yet though I'm learning a lot from reading your blog!
    Good luck for transwales, probably see you at Rivi some time!

  4. What I call the commonwealth down is here.,413290&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

    Are you a local? I'm always looking for new people to ride with!

  5. Thanks!
    Yeah fairly local, we live just outside Preston and are usually at Rivi once or twice a week, heading a bit further afield (lakes/peaks/N Wales) for the weekends.
    Don't think I'm about this weekend (waiting for parents to decide whether I'm visiting them or vice versa) but if you fancy a ride sometime give me a shout. I just joined she cycles or you can find me on the facebook group "save Rivington Mountain Biking!!".
    Not convinced I'm as fit/fast as you judging by some of the training schedules here, but if you want to strap some lead weights to your singlespeed that's all good with me!!

  6. I'm not fast at all I can just keep going. I'm at mountain mayhem this weekend but about most of the rest of the time so give me a shout if you fancy a ride without the boyz. There a few of us off shecycles who ride rivi regularly!

  7. Sounds good, thanks for the offer -good luck this weekend!!