Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Well I've definetly learnt a few things from yesterdays ride. It's probably the hardest ride I've done all year.

I only took my 2l cambelbak as my 3l was new and I don't like weight on my back on the ss. This was a bad idea as I could have done with 3l, although not too bad as with the bottle on my bike as well it was only on the way home I had ran out of liquid.

I have been worrying if I am mentally strong enough for transwales, yesterday once I started riding home I realised how tired I was. I would have rang Ali to come and get me if she was at home, she wasn't though so I had to get home, I did consider a road route at this point. Anyway I stopped ate some chocolate and an energy gel and just pushed up the climb, then some more chocolate and an energy gel and got back on my bike. Although I was shattered when I got home it showed me that I can do what I plan to - I had it in my head I wanted to do 50miles. So maybe I will manage the mental challenge.

Singlespeeding is hard over long distances, it gets to the stage where you legs need a lower gear and you end up walking more and more, I haven't walked that much since I got my singlespeed. Hopefully doing a long ride on a ss will mean it is easier with gears. I've alot of respect for people who do things like transwales or 24hour solo events on a ss, they are a whole lot fitter than me.

The longest linking stage on transwales, as the route stands, is 83.5km - I covered 83km yesterday. But it took me 9hours and they only allow 8hours. Now I could hope that the riding would be easier but that isn't likey. There are bound to be parts that are at least a push. Also the two longest stages are the wednesday and the saturday(the last day) I'm going to have a lot of miles in my legs by then.

I have found some energy gels that I actually really like, thanks to torq I now will happily be using energy gels.

I slept really badly again last night meaning I am suffering today. Maybe I should have had a bath but it was so late. I really need to sort out this sleep problem I'm having at the moment!

Well I'm sure you'll all bored on reading this now so I'll stop at 6 things.


  1. Chin up old girl, thats a cracking distance to cover on a SS. SS's are hard work over the distance particularly in the cold.

    Well done you!

  2. This is a really old post, how random to be commenting on it now. Since then I have done transwales singlespeed so have got used to distances on it.