Thursday, 10 April 2008


Well back in January I said i was going to run once a week. In fact to help motivate myself I even entered a Dualthon and then I stopped running at all. I had planned to go running yesterday but I felt quite flu-like and even walking to the shops was the effort so I went today. My aim was to run a local loop without walking and not bother about how long it took. The loop had only 88m of climbing but felt hard, but I ran the whole way!

2.95 miles
33:27 (I know that is very slow)
average heart rate 159


  1. If you were only hitting 180 ish:-

    1) You aint riding hard enough
    2) You are actually more savage than I thought (Possible)
    3) What ever you are taking... you need to stop.

  2. 1) It felt hard, I kept pushing even though my legs and lungs were screaming.

    2) Savage means what exactly?

    3) I can't stop my meds they are keeping me well at the moment.