Monday, 31 March 2008

I was a little hasty

Got my geared bike fixed today - all it needed was a new rear cable so I was being very lazy. Anyway headed out on what is become a firm favorite of a loop, over to the pike and back. It felt odd being on my trek again and it took a while to get used to changing gears. I realised that I last rode this bike in February.

Lovely weather and my first ride without my winter boots on.

18.39miles Average Speed 10mph Average HR 137bpm

Yes that is my fastest ever average! With 100miles in my legs I was impressed. Maybe I will manage transwales!


  1. I rode my geared full sus bike on Saturday for the first time since Feb, it felt weird..... I kept trying to stand up to pedal up stuff!

  2. I did stand on a few bits at the start. Did you ride far? the weather was horrid on saturday!

  3. 17 miles. It was nice for the first 6 miles then wet with some extra wet just for good measure.