Sunday, 9 March 2008

Peel Tower, Punctures and lots of food.

Busy day today, I was on the track at lunchtime for a taster session then straightover to pick Vikki up ready for our attempt to singlespeed up Peel Tower. I decided that a trek across a field was the best way to get to Ramsbottom, but that was soon forgetten when we were looking at the cobbled climb up to Holcombe Moor. The first bit involved us both pushing but after that I managed to ride up to the start of the climb to the actual tower. A quick energy gel, I'm trying them at the moment as I think they might be useful during transwales, and up we headed. The higher I got the harder it was and I was glad I had cleats, I was pulling as much pushing on the pedals, at some points almost stationary. I nearly got to the first corner before I nearly fell off and had to rest. Started again and got to the tower, I think that it is definetly possible to ride, but it'll be hard to do in one go. We headed back down to do the bridleway across the firing range. When Vikki realised she had a flat back tyre. One new tube later we were on our way, for a bout 500yards, flat again. At that point we decided to call the breakdown (Ali) and get a lift home. We rolled back down to Ramsbottom - well I did Vikki was running beside me!

Good short ride then back to mine for food, lots of food!

About 12miles in total, I'm not sure I'm done a ride that short when out with just Vikki.


  1. Does 12 miles count as a ride for you? ;)

  2. Just about ;)
    Although with the hard climb we did it better count!