Saturday, 15 March 2008

Not really with it.

For some reason I don't really feel with it this week. I knew I should have gone out on my bike yesterday yet I sat around and did nothing. Anyway to make sure that didn't happen today plans were made to meet Vikki, we both left at 9am and met on the Belmont Road, it seems to work well as no-one gets cold waiting for the other - at this time of year you can get cold even in a few minutes. I had my new Jacket on and it was steadily drizzling on the way over but the Jacket kept it all off, I was pleased with its performance seeing as it is only showerproof. In fact although I'd brought my waterproof in my back pocket I didn't need it at all! We made a plan to follow the little blue lancashire cycleway signs towards Chorley and see where they took us, it didn't take us too long to lose them so after nipping through the centre of Chorley we headed for Blackburn, via Abbey Village and then across the edge of Darwen onto the Roman Road, at that point we realised that our 30mile ride might be a little longer - we'd already done 27miles! So we headed back, took a short cut, with a little bit of off-road, past the strawbury duck, along Green Arms roads, across the A666 and back to Belmont where we split.

42.12miles Average Speed 12.3mph 1038m climbed

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