Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Baby Goats

Well on monday I said that I saw some baby goats and Ali complained about the lack of pictures,

so today after going to meet her for lunch I headed over to Rivington and took a picture. There

were about 5 in total but none of the rest seemed interested in posing for the camera.
Average Speed = 13.5mph
Average HR = 139bpm


  1. Hurray - that is a very cute picture!

  2. Cute! But should you really have ridden so far if your legs didn't feel fully recovered? As much as you need to encourage me to ride more, I think I need to encorage you to rest more!

  3. I didn't ride far, it was on the roadie! I even went home earlier than planned!

  4. I'm just being a good team mate and making sure you don't over do it!