Thursday, 20 March 2008

Horizontal Rain

Well even though the weather didn't look inviting I headed out in full winter gear at 4:15pm, it took me 15minutes to cycle the first mile so I was beginning to think I would be late. I headed over to rivington, I got the hang of pointing my bike across the track to go uphill and the fact that I was better on my bike as I didn't move at all when I tried to walk. Dropped down the mast road and found loads of burger vans on Georges Road, down Chinese gardens where I met Vikki. She had had some mechanical problems on the way over - not so much fun in the wind, rain and hail. We headed up the commonwealth down and up matchmore lane and onto winter hill, at that point Vikki sensibly pointed out that it wasn't rideable, so we dropped down onto Scout Road and over to the Black Dog in Belmont for food. A big feed, fresh clothes and a lift home.

I was going to take a photo but the lack of visability and the fact that my phone doesn't like the rain meant it didn't happen.

Average Speed 7.2mph
Average HR 151 bpm

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  1. Oh no, I'd forgotten that it was Easter. Will definitely be avoiding Rivi and the Easter carnage tomorrow!