Saturday, 8 March 2008

Does Rivington close at 5pm

Sometimes lacking motivation is a good thing! After a day spent reading the papers, watching tv and generally doing nothing at 4:30pm I dragged myself out of the house and onto my bike. At that point the rain stopped, the clouds cleared and the sky turned blue. I headed over towards Rivingotn, stopping at Asda to take off my waterproof as I was boiling. Getting there I thought it was closed and noone had told me, I think I saw two other people as I dropped down to the horse farm, up the commonwealth downhill (which I rode withou stopping, on my singlespeed!), round the pike and along Belmont Old Road. Headed down to Belmont and then the rain came back but by now I was having so much fun. Over to Turton Tower and home.

Really pleased with my average. Think I'm definetly getting faster, now the question is will I be as fast on my geared bike?

21.14miles Average Speed 8.6mph 710m climbed

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