Friday, 7 March 2008

Sore Everywhere.

Headed out to meet Vikki at the climb up to the Pike at 8am, after only a mile I was ready to give up, everything seemed to hurt and even a little road climbed had killed me - I guess I really should fix my geared bike for days like today. Anyway we met and I thought it would be a good idea to do the Ice Cream Run, I don't think Vikki agreed, saying at the bottom that she would prefer to do descents like that on her other bike. Ahh well she is used to my silly ideas by now. my next silly idea was to climb up the commonwealth downhill, I have no problems on my geared bike and although I rode it all I need quite a few rest stops. (Photo above is Vikki getting to the top of the climb) Then it was time for good idea number three, I had seen a finger post pointing up, what looked like an easy climb, to Winter Hill. So we headed up there, it started as a lovely climb and then turned into a bog fest with some steep steps put in to keep us on our toes. I walked at least half of that climb. Then we headed down Winter Hill the way we usually climb up, which although being a hard uphill is quite a nice downhill. Then back to Pigeon Tower and I headed home via the Belmont Old Road.

A good ride and an excellent reason for getting up early.

27.4miles Average Speed 7.7mph 911m climbed


  1. I like that photo of me, well done you made it look sufficiently steep! We'll have to do this route again when I'm feeling a bit less tired and grumpy,

  2. Sounds like a loopy plan for a 'tired-leg' day ride to me...Hopefully that means you'll be nice and slow tomorrow so I can keep up.