Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Cheshire Cat

Me, Pete and Anna at the start

Well today was the Cheshire Cat Sportive, so I tried to get an early night since the clocks went forward but being so nervous meant I didn't sleep for ages. But I was up bright and early in the morning and we were there by eight after collecting Anna. I was number 59 so after lots of faffing around we got lined up at the start and headed off. Pete was riding slightly faster than I probably would have but I stuck with him. After the 2nd feed station we managed to miss a sign (there were big stretches without signs and no marshelling to speak of) so we added an extra 6miles to our route. After about 50miles it reversed and I was stronger than Pete. But in the end it worked well and I was pleased with my average speed. I also got my medal for getting up mow cop without stopping :) So there it is my first 100mile ride.

104.44miles Average Speed 14.7mph Average HR 159bpm

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