Wednesday, 26 March 2008

NWMTB ride

Well tonight I was leading the NWMTB ladies ride. I rode with this group all last winter and I've missed the rides with no driving, so it was great that they came over my way. There were a few faces I hadn't seen before but since I hadn't been out with them since last year that's not a suprise. In total there were 9 of us, 6 ladies and 3 pretend ladies ;)

I rode over to the meeting point in Belmont and noticed my legs were still sore but not too too bad, shoulder seemed fine - good job as otherwise it'd have killed me on the singlespeed. Everyone else arrived at about the same time, with Laura telling me to hurry up as she passed me on the way. Everyone else was on these machines with gears and looked super fit, I guessed I would be leading the ride from the back.

We headed up the Belmont road, over Belmont road and I decided we should do the ICR, I cleared it - only the 2nd time ever and the first time on the hardtail. Then up Chinese Gardens, cutting along to the Commonwealth Downhill and up the 2nd part of that, round the pike, where I came down a different way and lost everyone. Opps! Then up to winter hill, via Matchmore lane, round the mast since the barriers were down and there was a little man there, down the Belmont descent and then to the pub.

After a pint I cycled home, over to the A66, Bromley Cross and singletrack home.

Great ride!

22.92miles (12.14 with the group)

Average Speed 8.9mph (7.5 with the group)

Average HR 159bpm


  1. And no comment about the surprise attendee??? :o(

    Was a fab ride though, although I was very tired by the end - need to get fitter again.

  2. Sorry I forgot to mention, as we were all waiting at the pub for people to get their bikes ready, Ali turned up in the car after saying to me as I was leaving that she didn't fancy riding.

    She did well as the rest of us have been riding all winter and she has been hibernating!