Monday, 17 March 2008

Faffing isn't as much fun on your own

Had to go out today, the weather was so nice it'd be rude not to! I decided on an eay ride to let my legs recover, so I brought the singlespeed - not sure how easy it is to pootle on a singlespeed but I tried. It was a lovely day and there were lots of friendly redsocks out over Rivington. I did my usual over to Rivington, then down by the horse farm, up commonwealth downhill, round the pike, down the ICR, over to Healey Nab, back up Chinese gardens, over Belmont old road, down to Belmont, across to the triple six and home.
It was a fab ride, I saw lots of people flying off the side of winter hill, a plane flew over me when I was on the belmont old road, lower than I've seen a plane since I was at uni in Scotland and right by RAF leuchars, I rode all the drops in Healey Nab without stopping or squealing like a girl but I dabbed three times on the ICR (I really want to clear it, I probably need to go faster)
The only problem with the ride was no Vikki, no-one to faff with, it's definetly better when someone else is there to faff with.
29.8miles Average Speed 7.4mph 1135m climbed


  1. I'd have much rather been riding than sitting in a classroom!

  2. Yes it was a nice day to be out on the bike, but I was in a lazy mood. I just kept stopping.