Thursday, 27 March 2008

My bikes

Well someone has asked me about the different types of biking. I don't think I would do that subject justice so I'm going to tell you about my four bikes instead.

This is my winter roadie, I bought it in summer 2006 as I had decided I wanted to start commuting to work. In 2006/07 I commuted between Bolton and Blackburn about 3 times a week on it. Then Jon persuaded me to enter the legbreaker and I discovered that road riding could be fun in it's own right.

This bike is a full on road bike, with narrow tyres (23mm) it is completely set up for winter riding with full length mudguards, reflective tape and lots of rear lights. The only changes so far are new cables, the pink bar tape and the pink bottle cages.

This is me at the Penrith Merida on my trek fuel. I bought this bike in November 2006 after going on my first shecycles ride. On that ride I realised that I needed a better bike than my old rockhopper, I needed to get fit and my technical ability left a lot to be desired.

This bike is a standard mountain bike with 100mm of travel front and rear, a lot of people think this is not a lot of travel but for the direction my riding is going it is just the right amount for me. So far I have had to change the drive chain and get a new rear shock.

This year I've entered quite a few road events so I decided it was time to treat myself to a better road bike which also fitted me better. So my specialized was purchased. This is a carbon roadie which hopefully will make me fly round the events.

The last bike in my collection is my Gary Fisher Rig. This bike is very different. It is a mountain bike but apart from that it is completely different to my other bike. To start with it has 29inch wheels (as oppose to 26inch on a standard mountain bike) and it is a single speed (meaning I only have one gear). I blame Vikki for this one, I'd been wanting a singlespeed for ages but she showed me this bike.
The only changes I've made to this bikes are to put some lovely pink Hope mini motos on instead of the mechanical disc brakes it came with.

So there we have it my stable of bikes, I've been told no more for two years now, so it'll be two years of fixing up the bikes and hopefully improving them.

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  1. Thanks for the explanations - it all makes more sense now :-)