Thursday, 27 March 2008


What is a good speed on a bike?
I know from reading cyclechat that I'm quite slow on my road bike, but what about off-road. I'm faster than I was a year ago but I'm still slower than most people I know. What is a good speed to be riding at off-road?


  1. I think there are too many variables to answer that one. I don't really mind what speed I ride at as long as I'm having fun :)

  2. Ahh yes, but what speed do you manage when you ride round Rivington?

    The reason for wondering is I'm doing transwales this year and I'm wondering how much work I have to put in to getting faster.

  3. It varies a lot really. For rides up to 2 hours around here then I can sometimes manage around 10mph (not including any stops) but usually quite a bit slower, especially if I do plenty of climbing. It doesn't seem to make much difference whether I use gears or not.

    Matt seems to average 12mph+ on all his rides (usually 30-40 miles) but he's a lunatic :)

  4. I'm ignoring matt's average speeds, he is obviously superhuman!