Sunday, 16 March 2008

Road, Mountain, Road

Sometimes crazy ideas are the best ones! Today I was going to my friend's house in New Mills for a moutain bike ride and Ali had decided she would come and ride as well. So I came up with a great idea, I would ride there on my road bike - Ali could bring my moutain bike on the car - then ride off-road and then ride home on the road again. That was exactly what I did! Nice to see some old friends, it seems so long since I got out on a ride with the likes of Laura and Jane.

67.83miles in total

Home -> New Mills
28.65miles Average Speed 13.4mph

Mountain Biking
8.71miles Average Speed 7.2mph

New Mills -> Home
30.48miles Average Speed 12.7mph


  1. Blimey Trio, and you thought I was nuts! -Jon

  2. What you need is a cyclocross bike! Then you could have done all the sections on the one bike! See, always the need to add a new bike to the collection?

  3. Yes I was thinking that, although I'm not sure a cyclocross bike could have coped with the rocky peaks. I have to admit it is next on my wish list though, going to try a few races first on my moutain bike but it looked fun when I went and watched on last year!